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Sandvine Supports Cricket Broadband Internet Providing a revolutionary Internet service with sophisticated policy control equipment

Sandvine, (TSX: SVC)(AIM: SAND) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for cable, DSL, FTTx, fixed wireless and mobile operators, today announced the successful deployment of Sandvine's policy traffic switch (PTS) platform and service creation solutions in Cricket's 3G mobile broadband network. Cricket became a Sandvine customer in the third quarter of 2009. Sandvine's solutions support Cricket Broadband customers to help improve the overall quality of experience.

"Cricket is using a Sandvine solution to identify its customers whose service has expired and redirect them to a customer service site where they can conveniently extend their service term," said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine co-founder, EVP marketing and sales. "New rich media Internet applications are placing ever-growing demands for bandwidth and quality of service. Cutting edge solutions, like this one deployed with Openet, support the world's leading network providers to introduce new, personalized services for their customers using our innovative, partnered solutions."

Sandvine's sophisticated end-to-end network policy control solution allows operators to create intelligent broadband networks through network policy control. Sandvine's solutions detect network conditions that trigger policies within the network to help service providers enhance subscribers' Internet experience.

The Sandvine platform and solutions provide network policy control solutions for unparalleled network reporting, capacity planning, congestion management, new personalized service creation, malicious traffic mitigation and enhanced customer service.

With service provider customers in 70 countries serving hundreds of millions of fixed and mobile subscribers, Sandvine is enhancing the Internet experience worldwide. For more information on Sandvine's platform, products and applications please visit

January 12, 2010

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