Graphite Software delivers ultimate mobile privacy: A hidden Tor virtual phone within an Android smartphone

OTTAWA, Ontario, Jan. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Tor is the world’s leading anonymizing browser network. The challenge with Tor is that to achieve full privacy you need a specially configured smartphone that is largely unusable for other purposes. Tor users must carry a second phone that disables Google services, microphones, cameras, Bluetooth, near field communications (NFC), and more.

With Graphite’s Secure Spaces mobile virtualization, users have the usability and convenience of a full Google Android phone, along with a fully compliant Tor virtual phone on the same hardware. For the ultimate in privacy, the Tor virtual phone can be deployed as a hidden Space to avoid prying eyes. The Tor Space is separately encrypted and can be rapidly deleted if needed. The Tor Space can be configured to stop and/or delete data upon exit for even greater security.

Full details here.